My Ex in Prison

I found out where Jeffrey was the last week.  It was here:


He was locked in this prison in Singapore for drug use.  Singapore takes an extreme hard-line position on drugs.  He was released today on bail, but he has to go through a series of drug tests and won’t know if he’s completely cleared of the charges until January 25.

Jeffrey was my partner for 3.5 years up until September, 2016 when we broke up.  We are still close friends, and he lives with me in a sort of in-law apartment at my house, as does my current partner, Seth.  It’s an unusual set-up, but it has worked well so far with only a few minor problems.

Jeffrey is Singaporean and went home to visit family for the holidays right before Christmas.  His national ID card was stolen, and later left along with some illegal drugs in a taxi.  When that was reported to the police, Jeffrey was arrested and held for 7 days.

He claims that he was in a single cell with 10 other detainees, all of whom were hard-core addicts, mostly to heroine, serving 7-10-year sentences.  Every day he was stripped naked to search him, and fed only 2 slices of bread.  He was given nothing to drink, and there was no toilet in the cell.  They drank from the shower head and also used the shower as a toilet.  He said he contemplated suicide.

I have never seen Jeffrey take anything stronger than an occasional sleeping pill, and he rarely smokes marijuana, the last time being in October.  He is nervous that some trace of that will show up in the drug tests, but since he smokes it so infrequently, it should have been out of his system within days.  Even so, he is very scared.

If he tests positive for anything, he has to go to rehab for 6 months and be under house arrest for another 6 months after that.  I doubt that will happen, but it seems silly that all this is for a substance that he consumed in tiny quantities where it is legal, and is legal in some form in all but 4 U.S. states unless Jeff Sessions gets his way.  He gives Elves a bad name.


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